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Ford Powerstroke 6.4 6.7 L Diesel Race Tuners

Diesel power tuners are a necessity

when you are determined to get the maximum amount of performance from your vehicle. They enable you to control crucial factors, such as the timing and duration of firing in your engine. You finally be able to drive confidently knowing that your truck is running as efficiently as possible Performance Motorsports is ready to help you get the right tuner and diesel performance chips for your truck today.


Ford Powerstroke 6.4 6.7 L Diesel Race Exhausts

Diesel trucks will vent waste better

with our Dpf Delete Pipes, Cat/Dpf Delete Pipe and Dpf Delete Exhausts System for your “Ford Powerstroke” diesel trucks. This means more power, more miles per gallon and more torque. Your exhaust system makes a huge difference to the operation and efficiency of your truck.


Ford Powerstroke 6.4 6.7 L Diesel Cold Air Inrtakes

By improving your engine's air flow

with our Cold Air Intakes for your “FordPowerstroke" diesel truck, power can be increased, as well as fuel efficiency and acceleration. Air flow is the key to a clean burning, high performance machine that quickly vents its waste. When looking for diesel performance upgrades, the air intakes are a great place to start for a huge boost.


About us

Dpf Racing is the leader in

Dpf deletion and performance tuning for the Chevy-GM Duramax LMM & LML Diesel equipped 2500, 3500 Pickup trucks. With our Dpf delete race kits and our custom tunes, we are capable of making a wheel spinning 300 hp with over 550 ft/lbs of torque. We carry diesel performance tuners from Edge Racing, Sct Flash, Quadzilla Power and H&S Performance. Cold Air Intakes from AFE, S&B, Airaid & Volant

Latest News

June 01, 2010

Just Released the PPE Hot Race Tuner now on sale! Power level up to 270Hp at the crank.


May 18, 2010

Now available from SCT! The Strategy Flash Tuner for GM/Chevy Duramax LMM.


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