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Mads Smarty

DPF Racing Store offers the Smarty and Smarty Jr. diesel truck race tuners from Mads Electronics. These DPF Race Tuners are an excellent choice for Dodge Cummins diesel pickup trucks. Our Smarty and Smarty Junior DPF tuners are in stock and ready to ship. Our version comes preloaded with Smarty "M.E" off-road software. No download necessary!

MADS is a company that specializes in the development of Automotive electronic products dedicated to the diesel performance enthusiast. Their goal is to deliver the most complete and best performing, yet simple to use products. All of their engineering / research & development / performance software design, is done within their company, with nothing outsourced .The experience in tuning diesel vehicles with computer controlled fuel-injection systems comes from the racing environment with high-end tuning solutions. They set the highest quality standards possible for electronic devices equipped with M.E. programmers specialized for your Dodge Cummins truck.

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